What does Bernadette charge for therapy?

Fees payable – Please note fees will apply for additional services i.e. training, consultancy, report writing, travel and extended sessions.

ServiceFeeAASW Recommended Fee
General Consultation$150/hr$240/hr
Family or Group Work$180/hr$240/hr
Child and Parent(s) Joint Sessions$180/hr$240/hr
Supervision$150/hr + GST$195/hr subject to GST
Third Party Billing$241/hr (EAP Services)

Medicare Benefits
Many mental health services are paid for partly by the government under Medicare. To receive these services, you’ll need a Mental Health Treatment Plan from a doctor. A Mental Health Treatment Plan outlines what treatment is required and why, with whom and the number of sessions available.

Medicare Benefits Schedule – MBS has indexed its rates for the 2020/2021 financial year, more information is available on the MBS website. The new item rebate rate for item Nos. 80160 and 80161 was set at Medicare rebate $77.50 for 50+service length.

Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 individual allied mental health.

These therapies are time-limited, being deliverable in up to 10 planned sessions in a calendar year.

Payment of Fees
Payment is required at the time of consultation. You may be eligible for rebates from Medicare. A service fee of $150 with the Medicare rebate of $77.50 leaves a gap of $72.90.

Third Party Billing
Please ensure you have a Claim number or billing code and addressee for account to be sent. Third Party billing cannot be carried out if the client does not have permission (i.e. claim details) to bill the third party. If you have questions about fees, please contact Bernadette on 0437 792 665.

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